Baba Ijebu Premier and Ghana Lotto Addictions Key

There are various ways of forcasting lotto to produce winning numbers, one of them is by using additions key.

What is addition?

Addition is the the sum up of two numbers to give you a particular number. For example 90+6 will give you addition 96, so whenever you sum up two numbers and it gives you any of the numbers below…just play the numbers it set.

addition 90= 2:13:58:47
addition 119=19:38:39
addition 80= 51:56:6:11
addition 82=64:82:19:37
addition 105=28:53:8:73
addition 106= 78:48:42:84
addition 114=22:33:78:67
addition 77=1:69:46:24
addition 110=15 :51
Addition 116=50:67
addition 95=16:17:71:62:26
addition 88= 50:44::53::23

About the Author: Odogwuguyman

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  1. I am new to baba ijebu, so how do i know the numbers to sum? I am really interested in this addiction key. Thanks

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