Bet9ja Virtual Winning Strategy

Bet9ja virtual sport is the most popular in the country by far. Thousands of Nigerians play the game every day and so many people lose while very few win.

The way the system is programmed to bring out results makes it very difficult to predict even more difficult than the real-life soccer matches.

Millions of naira have been lost to this game by Nigerians, if one is not careful he/she can lose a huge amount of money within a very short time. This does not make people to stop playing it, aside from winning money from it, it’s also fun to make predictions and anybody can be easily addicted to the fun.

But the programmers of this virtual sport have something in mind. They want to be unpredictable or maybe not totally unpredictable but enough to make sure that more players do not win most times and they lose more than they win.

But in any case, that plan is put into programming and after several years of playing the game, I’ve noticed something. That is, whosoever is behind the programming of these virtual games knows what options people place bet on the most. All the programmer does is to divide the percentage of the outcome of the game to what people like to bet on and what they don’t bet on. Giving just 20% to what people like to bet on, so that they will be few winnings and not total loses which will be bad for the game. Then 80% of the outcome is given to options people hardly bet on.

If you’ve been playing the virtual sport for a long time, you must have noticed that after seasons, results differ.

If the previous season had more straight wins, the next should have more draws sometimes more big odds winning. Also, the pattern can change as the season progresses.

Looking at the way most players play the game, the programmer knows that straight win is the most played option and so many people never consider the draw option. Most players go for the straight win, small or big odds. The programmer knows this and they have the right mixture of results which makes it very difficult to win.

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