How does lotto America Works

How the American Lotto works is a simple concept to understand especially for those that have participated in a couple of draws.

Well, if you’re having a confusion, do well to sit back and read this article carefully as I am about to layout a detailed explanation on how the American Lotto works.

Before now, the American Lotto was called “Hot Lotto” game. Then in November 2017, the current American Lotto was introduced which came with its own constraints and fun.

Looking at the probability spread, it gives players more opportunity to win compared to the latter.

What to Know About the American Lotto:
1) There are 1 to 52 numbers to choose from and you can only choose 5 on a line. Each line cost $1.
2) The Starball ranges from 1 to 10 and you choose only one. Of course, the Starball number can be the
same with a number in the main five, this will not stop you from winning.
3) The America Lotto is only played in 13 states which are Kansas, Maine, Montana, Delaware, Idaho,
Minnesota, South Dakota, West Virginia, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.
4) The minimum prize is $2 million and it increases by $50,000 and max at $50 million.
5) Draws are performed twice a week, on Wednesdays and on Saturdays.
6) The qualified age to participate in the lottery in different states differ respectively but the minimum age is 18.

A local retailer shop is also a good place to get all your confusions solved.

When is a ticket not Valid:
1) Your ticket is invalid if you choose more than 5 numbers per line.
2) Using ink other than blue or black could get your ticket invalidated.
3) Any ticket bought outside the allowed time is not valid.
4) Ticket bought from an unregistered retailer or agent is not valid.

How do you claim your prize?
After listening to the draws and you realize you’ve won. The next thing is to go to the retailer where youpurchased your ticket with your won ticket.

If you’re not leaving in the States or you bought your ticket online then you’re to receive your money through bank transfer. The American Lotto will contact you via mail.
In a case where your prize money is more $200,000 USD, you will be asked to come over to the states.

Don’t worry about the trip cost, it will all be arranged by the company.
Note that methods of claiming prizes won differ depending on the size of the prizes won.

Is there a strategy that works predicting the numbers?
Not surprising a lot of sites claim to have a working strategy that should at least increase your winning chances.

You see things like numbers you should stay away from and maybe sometimes not playing a draw that won some time ago. There is a lot under this strategy canopy and you could make out time checking out on some of those.

You should be careful of how much you let down this path, remember it’s a lot more about luck.


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